Looking for something in particular? Check out our category list below to find what’s floating in Satan’s jacuzzi. Just remember to come up for air.



  • Humor

    Anything worth a laugh.


Hot takes from the hot tub.

  • Words

    Written pieces that survived a soak.

    • Asides

      Brief entries like a blast from a jet.

    • Essays

      Nonfiction real talk.

    • Fiction

      Make-believes, pretend times, & flights of fancy.


  • Audio

    Anything recorded for listening purposes.

    • Music

      The devil keeps a playlist to die for.

      • Singles

        Singles from artists who love the jacuzzi.

      • EPs

        Music in the EP format from artists like Satan’s style.

      • Covers

        The devil’s favorite artists playing the devil’s favorite songs.


  • Videos

    Dynamic visual productions straight from Satan’s big screen.


  • Images

    Graphics, photos, and other stills shared in the tub.

    • Design

      Graphic design worthy of a wall somewhere in hell.


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