Satan’s jacuzzi is on a veranda behind his modest 6 bedroom/6 bathroom/6 kitchen villa on the steamy shores of the River Styx. Heated by natural currents of molten rock, it’s as close to green as the fiery red hellscape ever gets.

It’s always a good time in the devil’s hot tub, and this site represents an archive of some of the finer moments. Real talk, crazy stories, good songs, funny jokes, interesting photos–they’re all on par for a night in the bubbles and jets.

So take a look around and maybe stop on by sometime. We’d love to have you. Hell–even God knows: at Satan’s jacuzzi, the water’s always hot and no one needs a bathing suit.

Satan’s Jacuzzi is moderated by Lucy Diavolo, a freelance writer & editor based in Chicago, Illinois. Follow her on Twitter @SatansJacuzzi or drop her a line via e-mail at lucy.diavolo@gmail.com to work with her.

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