Pope Takes To New Twitter @TransPontifex To Come Out, Explain Comments On Gender

Pope Francis has taken to Twitter to clarify comments on the transgender movement & to come out as trans in light of controversy over allegedly misreported remarks.


As the news broke about Pope Francis’s comments on gender today, the Pontiff was condemned by many within the LGBTQ+ community. The papal characterization of the trans movement as the “annihilation of man” and a form of “ideological colonization” that’s led to an “epoch of sin” drew the ire of many.

But now, the Pope has taken to a brand new Twitter account in order to clarify the misrepresentation of that commentary. In a rapid-fire series of tweets, the Pope explained that she was arguing on behalf on the trans community and identified herself as a member of it.

The biggest news from the new account is that Pope Francis is trans.

In light of this, she elaborated what her intention with her earlier comments had truly been. Despite the quotes being represented by many as a condemnation of trans individuals, she clarified that she was trying to draw attention to the on-going activism of the community.

She reached out to several high-profile commentators in what was apparently an attempt to reach a wider audience with the corrections.

She explained that a new Twitter account was just one element of her on-going transition process, which also includes new pronouns and possibly hormone replacement therapy.

In what appeared to be an effort to drive home the unlikeliness of her being anti-trans, she also drew attention to the irony of the leader of the Catholic church lambasting colonization. She referenced the history of colonizing powers erasing gender variance in other cultures as they seized control.

And despite what must’ve been a rough day for her, she even found the energy to crack a few jokes.

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