Things That Haven’t Changed Since I Started My Transition

I’ve been writing a lot about what’s changing for me. The contrarian in me wanted to make this. [~150 words.]


  • Great fingernails
  • Good taste in sunglasses
  • Loves cheese
  • Plays bass
  • Coffee breath
  • Forgets to brush teeth
  • Doesn’t shower enough
  • Cardigan game strong (getting stronger)
  • Wants to stay in apartment/bed most of the time
  • Way too into Game of Thrones
  • Hates mornings
  • Anxiety
  • Writer’s block
  • Too many books
  • Pretends to read more than actually reads
  • Slips into country accent unexpectedly (worse while drunk)
  • Daily struggles with self-esteem
  • Doesn’t drink enough water
  • Farts in public on accident
  • Farts in public on purpose
  • Optimistic nihilist
  • Cool t-shirt collection
  • Bites lip when nervous
  • Scratches armpits too hard
  • Washes a pen in every load of laundry
  • Cries while reading Virginia Woolf
  • Thinks soccer uniforms are sexy
  • Stares at any TV that’s on
  • Needs to eat more fruit
  • Likes IPAs and whiskey
  • Good tipper
  • Back pain
  • Plant parent
  • Loses Chapstick
  • Enjoys sweeping
  • Well-stocked tool box
  • Guilty pleasure: college football
  • Finds Shakespeare pretty boring
  • Able to destroy a pint of ice cream in a single go

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